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5 reasons to consider a prepaid funeral

Peace of mind is priceless. At Simplicity, we understand that being able to relax and enjoy life is a goal lots of people strive to achieve. We believe planning your funeral ahead of time can help you to accomplish this, but the number of funeral planning options can often make it confusing. So, what are prepaid funerals, and why should you consider one? 


What are prepaid funerals?

A prepaid funeral is a funeral that is paid for in advance. Often organised through funeral plans, a prepaid funeral is a way to put arrangements in place in the event of the death of yourself or a loved one. 


How do funeral plans work?

Funeral plans work by paying the funeral provider for the services you require in the future. They’ll keep your money safe and use it to provide their services when the time comes. The plan will outline the exact services you’ll be paying for, with a few options or packages. Usually, the more services there are included in the package, the more expensive the plan is. Some providers will allow you to pay for additional services on top of the plan too, so ask your plan provider if this is an option.

Funeral plans can be paid for in a number of different payment terms, including full payment or instalments. These payment terms vary depending on the plan provider, so you should research this in advance. 


Why choose a prepaid funeral?

1. Security

With a prepaid funeral from Simplicity, your money is placed into a Funeral Trust Fund, meaning your money is safe and secure. You should only trust FPA registered providers for your plan, as this means your money is protected.


2. Peace of mind

Knowing that your loved ones won't be faced with a costly bill when the time comes could offer peace of mind. While a bank may offer interest on savings, there is no guarantee that these savings will grow in line with inflation, so they may not cover the cost of a funeral. With a Simplicity plan, we’ll honour everything in the plan you choose, no matter how much funerals cost in the future.


3. Simplify things for your family

All of the planning will be complete when the time comes, so your loved ones can concentrate on celebrating your life. Many people choose to use this precious time to organise a memorial or wake. Your family will only have to make one call to us at Simplicity, and we’ll start the arrangements for them.


4. Do it your way

With a prepaid funeral, you'll know that your farewell will be exactly how you wanted it to be. With the option to choose your package and any add-ons you'd like, you can pick and choose a service that suits you. Your family can take comfort in this too, knowing that proceedings are how you wished them to be. 

Want to express how you'd like your funeral? Share your wishes with your loved ones. 


5. An easy way to pay

With funerals often costing thousands of pounds, a prepaid funeral is an easy way to keep costs down. Many providers will ask for an up-front fee, but Simplicity also offers monthly payment options to help spread the cost of a funeral plan


Other questions you may have:

Are prepaid funeral plans a good idea?

If you're conscious about the cost of your funeral, then yes. Prepaid funerals are an ideal way to control the cost of your funeral. 


How much is a prepaid funeral plan?

Funeral plan prices differ depending on the provider.  Simplicity proudly offers a funeral plan for as little as £1,495 or £15.97 per month. Learn more about The Lily, Magnolia and Orchid plans.


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For more information about funeral plans, contact us and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help. Alternatively, you may find our frequently asked questions helpful. 

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