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Can I have a basic funeral?

Quite simply, yes. At Simplicity, we provide a range of basic funerals throughout the whole of mainland Great Britain.


What are basic funerals?

A basic funeral is a simpler, often low cost alternative to a traditional funeral.

A traditional funeral can be an expensive occasion, which takes a lot of time to arrange.  At Simplicity, we offer a range of basic funerals that provide all of the essential elements of a funeral without the often unwanted, ceremonial elements. 

By choosing a basic, no frills funeral, you’ll be able to say goodbye in a way that suits the needs and budget of your family without compromising on high standards of care.


How much does a basic funeral cost?

The cost of a funeral is largely dependent on where you are in the UK and the personal choices you make. However, in 2018, the average cost of a basic funeral in the UK rose to £4,271, a 4.7% increase from the previous year. The average basic funeral cost is the combined average cost of a basic cremation at £3,744 and a basic burial at £4,798*.

At Simplicity, our basic funerals cost up to 76%** less than the average basic funeral, starting at £995. Plus, unlike many funeral providers, our prices remain the same no matter where in mainland Great Britain your loved one is resting.


What do basic funerals include?

The cost of basic funerals will usually cover the services of a Funeral Director (often including a coffin, a hearse and care of your loved one) and disbursements including doctor’s fees (where required), officiate fees and the cost of the cremation or burial, although what is included will vary between providers.

The key differentiation between a Simplicity Cremation and the services of other funeral providers is there is no face-to-face interaction with a Funeral Director. 

Removing the need for several meetings with a Funeral Director allows us to provide substantial savings versus the cost of the average no frills funeral. Instead of visiting your local Funeral Home, all of the arrangements are made over the telephone by our team of funeral professionals.

Our basic funerals include everything you will need for a simple cremation including cremation fees, doctor’s fees, provision of a simple coffin and transportation in our specialised vehicles, as well as the services of our telephone-based funeral arrangers.


Choose a basic funeral and cremation package

We offer three basic funeral and cremation packages, which will allow you to commemorate your loved ones life in a way that is right for you:

Unattended Funeral from £995 – provides a direct cremation without a funeral service. A completely no frills funeral, this takes place without any mourners present. A direct cremation or cremation without ceremony allows the opportunity to separate the cremation itself from a memorial or celebration of life afterwards.

Intimate Funeral from £1,395 – allows a short time for reflection and to say a few words for up to 12 people. Although there is no service, some families still prefer to be present at the crematorium.

Attended Funeral from £1,895 – provides a cremation with a funeral service arranged by the family. You’ll have the freedom to arrange the ceremonial format music, readings, visual tributes and the presence of a minister or celebrant, as you would with a traditional funeral. You will also have access to our team of telephone-based arrangers who can help you organise the day.

What we’ve removed is the procession with a hearse, limousines and pallbearers, or ‘pre-ceremony’ beforehand. If you choose the Intimate or Attended funeral, your loved one will be resting in the chapel before you enter the chapel.

View our funeral prices for more information on our basic cremation packages.


A basic cremation without compromising on care

Just because our no frills funerals are low cost, it does not mean substandard care. Rest assured, we can deliver a respectful, compassionate and dignified funeral for your loved one without the high price tag.

Our nationwide network of crematoria, facilities and vehicles, teamed with our experienced professionals, ensures consistently high standards of service. Unlike many providers, we have our own mortuary facilities, allowing us to care for your loved one until the day of cremation. 

Unfortunately, not all no frills funeral providers will operate to our high standards, so it’s important to know what to look for when choosing a funeral provider.


Basic funeral plans

If you are looking to plan ahead for your own funeral, our basic funeral plans start from £1,495, or as little as £17 per month for a direct cremation plan.

Not only does a funeral plan allow you to protect your family from stressful funeral arrangements but you are also relieving them of any financial burden. Plus, regardless of how the price of funerals may increase in the future, the cost of your funeral will be frozen at today's prices, with no more to pay for the services covered in your plan when the time comes.  Learn more about the benefits of a prepaid funeral plan

For more information on our range of basic funeral plans, download our free brochure.


To arrange a funeral for a loved one, or to plan ahead for your own funeral, contact us today.


*Source: SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2018
** Compared to the average cost of a basic funeral in 2018

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