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Arranging a funeral without a Funeral Director


When someone passes away, most families will seek help from a local Funeral Director to arrange a funeral for their loved one. Although most funerals in the UK are arranged through a Funeral Director, there is no legal requirement to do so.

At Simplicity, our funerals are arranged by our team of expert telephone funeral planners without a traditional Funeral Director.  

There are of course other ways you can go about arranging a funeral without a Funeral Director with some families choosing to take complete responsibility for the arrangements.

Before learning how to arrange a funeral without a Funeral Director, you might be wondering, what does a Funeral Director do? Find the answer below.


What does a Funeral Director do?

A Funeral Director will typically collect your loved one from the place of rest and arrange for the care of your loved one, make arrangements for the cremation or burial, help you organise a funeral service and provide professional guidance throughout the planning process.

Funeral Directors take a lot of time and care to organise every funeral, which will be reflected in the price. Their fees typically make up the majority of the cost of a basic funeral. 

Funeral Directors fees usually include:

- a coffin
- a hearse
- collection and care of the deceased
- professional guidance from the Funeral Director to assist with the completion of the necessary paperwork

The services you receive will vary, however, from provider to provider. This doesn’t usually cover cremation, burial fees or doctor's fees which could be an additional £1,200.

Some Funeral Directors will provide detailed information about their services and prices on their websites although the overall cost of the funeral will depend on a number of factors including if it's a burial or cremation and any additional services you may arrange. Third party costs will also apply.


How to arrange a funeral without a Funeral Director

Wondering how to arrange a funeral without a Funeral Director? We can help with that. There are a number of reasons people do not wish to use a Funeral Director. Some may feel that taking greater responsibility for the funeral is a final tribute to their loved one, others may have used a Funeral Director on a previous occasion and received unsatisfactory service, and others are simply looking for a more affordable funeral option.


Arranging a funeral yourself

Some families arrange a ‘DIY funeral’ and take care of all funeral arrangements themselves, although this is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

Although most aspects of a funeral are relatively straightforward, difficulties may arise because of the emotional strain on the bereaved, the lack of experience in caring for someone who has died and the lack of knowledge about the paperwork required.

The most important thing to consider is how you will care for your loved one until the day of the funeral. Funeral Directors will have professional refrigeration facilities to do this.

When arranging a funeral yourself, you will need to consider:

- Registering the death
- Purchasing a coffin
- Booking the crematorium or cemetery
- The required legal paperwork
- Arranging a funeral ceremony if you want one
- Transportation

A DIY funeral can save on funeral costs, although families do so for more than just this reason. Some people feel it helps with the grieving process, giving them closure on the loss of their loved one.

Read our guide to DIY funerals for more information.


Arranging a Cremation with Simplicity

If you’re planning on arranging a funeral without a Funeral Director, but are uncomfortable with the concept of a DIY funeral, a Simplicity Cremation could be the answer.

A Simplicity Cremation is arranged over the telephone by our expert team of funeral arrangers, without any face-to-face involvement with a Funeral Director. You can arrange the funeral from the comfort of your own home. All it takes is a few phone calls, helping save your valuable time and what will likely be a stressful period for you and your family.

When arranging a cremation with Simplicity, there is also the potential to save money too, in comparison to a traditional funeral arranged by a Funeral Director. Our funerals start at £995 and take care of all of the practicalities of a simple cremation including cremation fees, doctor’s fees, collection from the place of rest a few days prior to the cremation, a simple coffin and transportation on the day of the cremation. Plus guidance from our arrangers and access to bereavement counselling if required.

Families opt for arranging a funeral without a Funeral Director for a number of reasons, with one being to to arrange a fitting goodbye for a loved one without the obligation to pay for traditional ceremonial elements that they may not feel are necessary. Our funerals do not include a procession, the provision of a hearse and limousines or a team of pallbearers, unlike most traditional funerals. We will simply care for the loved one and ensure the cremation is carried out respectfully.


Our funeral packages

We offer 3 funeral packages, allowing you to choose the service that will suit your needs and budget, from an unattended direct cremation, a small funeral for just a few close friends and family or a larger funeral with a family-led ceremony.

Unattended Funeral – an unattended funeral takes place without any mourners present and without a funeral service. A crematorium assistant will say a few words before committing your loved one for cremation. It is common for a family to instead hold a celebration of life in honour of their loved one.

Intimate Funeral – An intimate funeral allows a small group of family and friends a short time in the chapel for a few moments of private reflection.

Attended Funeral – The attended funeral provides time in the crematorium chapel for a service, as you would have with a traditional funeral. You will have the option to lead the service yourself, or engage with a local minister or officiant.

Whichever package you choose, you can rest assured a crematorium attendant will be there on the day to ensure everything runs smoothly.

See our funeral prices for full information on our funeral packages.


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