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What is the cheapest funeral possible?

We understand that funerals aren't cheap, and that planning a funeral for your loved one may leave you looking for funds that you may not have. This is especially the case if their death was sudden or unexpected. This can leave you wondering "what is the cheapest funeral possible?" and "what is the cheapest way to have a funeral?". We've answered these questions and more below. 


What is the cheapest funeral possible?

The cheapest possible funeral would include only the essential elements of a funeral. At Simplicity, the cheapest option is a direct cremation. With no face-to-face interaction from a Funeral Director, you can expect to pay much less than you’d pay for a traditional funeral.


How do I organise an inexpensive cremation?

Arranging an inexpensive cremation such as a direct cremation is a straightforward process. Our dedicated team of funeral professionals take care of organising the practical elements of the funeral and will contact you with regards to completing the legal paperwork required for the cremation to take place. 


What's the cheapest way to have a funeral?

Put simply, the cheapest way to have a funeral is to organise as many of the proceedings yourself. Elements such as floral tributes, memorial service and transportation of the mourners can be arranged without a Funeral Director, saving you money on their services. Learn how to arrange a DIY funeral or compare direct cremation costs


What does the cheapest funeral from Simplicity include?

This type of funeral does not include a formal service, a procession or the provision of a hearse to keep costs to a minimum. Your loved one will be collected from their place of rest at a time convenient to us and taken into care at one of our mortuary facilities, where they will be prepared and cared for until the day of the cremation.

We will provide a simple wood effect coffin, and transport your loved one to the crematorium in a specialised funeral vehicle. The coffin will be placed in the chapel, before being committed for cremation, supervised by a qualified chapel attendant. The committal takes place without the presence of mourners.

Following the cremation, the ashes will be scattered in our garden of remembrance or can be returned to you on request.


What is the cheapest funeral option aside from direct cremation?

A direct cremation will not suit everyone. If you are looking for the cheapest funeral option but are uncomfortable with the funeral taking place without being present, our attended funerals start from £1,395.

View our prices funeral prices here.


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