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What is the cheapest funeral possible?

We understand that funerals aren't typically cheap and that planning a funeral for your loved one may leave you looking for funds that you may not have. This is especially the case if their death was sudden or unexpected. This can leave you wondering "what is the cheapest funeral you can have?" and "what does the cheapest funeral package include?". We've answered these questions and more below.


What's the cheapest way to arrange a funeral?

The cheapest way to arrange a funeral for a loved one, on a limited budget, is to choose a low cost funeral provider.   

Alternatively, you could arrange a DIY funeral, however this means you’ll be responsible for organising the funeral yourself, without the assistance of funeral professionals. Although elements such as organising floral tributes and transportation for mourners can be easily arranged without a Funeral Director, there are also the practical elements of the funeral you will have to consider, such as where you will store your loved one’s body and how you will transport their body to the crematorium or cemetery on the day of the funeral. Arranging a DIY funeral can be a difficult process, so the decision to do so should not be taken lightly, despite the possible cost savings it can offer.


What is the cheapest funeral offered by a funeral provider?

The cheapest funeral options offered by funeral providers will only include the essential elements required for a funeral to go ahead.

At Simplicity, the cheapest funeral option we offer is a direct cremation, which can be arranged from just £995.

Arranging a direct cremation with Simplicity is a straightforward process. We know organising a funeral is something most people will be unfamiliar with, so unlike arranging a DIY funeral, we will take care of the practicalities of the cremation, allowing you to commemorate or celebrate the life of your loved one in a way that suits you as well as your family, at a time and place away from the crematorium.

Our funerals are arranged over the telephone with our dedicated team of funeral arrangers, so you can arrange a Simplicity Cremation for your loved one from the comfort of your own home. Our team will take care of organising the cremation and assist you with regards to completing the legal paperwork required for the funeral to take place. With no face-to-face interaction from a Funeral Director, our funeral costs are considerably cheaper than the cost of a traditional funeral.

Although there are many other funeral providers who offer direct cremation services in the UK, they do not all operate to the same standards or include the same services within their price. The initial funeral price may appear low, but there may be hidden fees, so it’s important you understand exactly what is included within the funeral package.

We’ve compared direct cremation costs from a number of the UK’s providers to help you find the direct cremation that suits your needs and budget.


What does the cheapest funeral from Simplicity include?

At Simplicity, we refer to our direct cremation service as an Unattended Funeral. This type of funeral does not include a formal service, a procession or the provision of a hearse or limousines, to keep costs to a minimum. Your loved one will be collected from their place of rest* and taken into care at one of our mortuary facilities, where they will be prepared and cared for until the day of the cremation.

We will provide a simple wood effect coffin and transport your loved one to the crematorium in a specialised funeral vehicle. The coffin will be placed in the chapel, before being committed for cremation, supervised by a chapel attendant. The committal takes place without the presence of mourners.

Following the cremation, the ashes will be scattered in our garden of remembrance or can be returned to you on request.

Our direct cremation services are available throughout the whole of mainland Great Britain, from just £995. In comparison, the average basic funeral in the UK cost £4,184 in 2020*.

*Please note, should your loved one not be resting in a hospital, there will be an additional fee to cover their collection


What is the cheapest funeral I can attend?

We understand that a direct cremation will not suit everyone’s needs. If you are looking for the cheapest funeral option but are uncomfortable with the funeral taking place without being present at the crematorium, we also offer cheaper funerals with the option to attend, starting from £1,395.

The Intimate Funeral allows a short time in the crematorium chapel for up to 12 people. This means a small group of family and friends are able spend a final few moments with their loved one, to reflect as they wish or say a few words.

If you would like something that more closely resembles a traditional funeral, the Family Led Funeral provides a full length slot in the crematorium chapel, for a larger group of people with a service arranged by the family. Just like a traditional funeral, you will be able to choose the funeral music, readings and poems, read a eulogy and share stories about your loved one. The main difference is that funeral starts when you enter the chapel as there is no procession beforehand, which allows us to provide substantial cost savings versus the average funeral cost.

View our prices funeral prices for more information.


Finding a 'cheap funeral plan'

With a growing number of people making financial provisions to pay for their own funeral, you could of course be searching for a ‘cheap funeral’ for yourself.

Our cheapest funeral plan costs £1,495 if paid within 12 months or as little as £15.97 a month^ and covers everything you will need for a simple cremation including cremation fees, a simple coffin, collection from the place of rest 24 hours a day, and the return of your ashes.

With a funeral plan in place, you can rest assured that no matter how much prices may rise in the future, the cost of the services in your plan will be covered with no unexpected bills to be paid by your family when the time comes.


Arrange a low cost cremation with Simplicity

To arrange a funeral for someone who has passed away, or to plan ahead for your own funeral, contact us today. We are open 24 hours a day, every day of the year.


*The average cost of a basic funeral in the UK in 2020 was £4,184, SunLife (2021), Cost of Dying Report,

^Instalment figure shown is for a Lily Plan being paid over 120 months. There is an extra charge if you spread the cost over more than 12 months. Alternative fixed instalment periods are available, provided that all payments over any instalment term longer than 12 months are completed by the 80th birthday of the eldest person named on the plan.

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