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Average cremation costs

The cost of cremation depends on several factors including the location of the crematoria and the arrangements you choose to make.


How much does cremation cost?

Total cremation costs will mostly be determined on whether a Funeral Director will arrange the cremation for you, or whether you wish to arrange it yourself. Most people in the UK choose to use the services of a Funeral Director.

This means that the average cremation cost in 2019 was £3,858* in the UK. This includes the costs required for a basic cremation:

- cremation fees
- the services of a Funeral Director
- doctor’s fees for medical certificates required for cremation
- the cost of a minister or officiant

Cremation costs can vary depending on where in the UK the funeral will take place.  


What does the cost of cremation include?

Funeral Director's fees

Funeral Directors’ fees often make up the majority of the cost of a basic cremation. This is because their fees usually include several important elements of the funeral including the coffin, a hearse, collection and care of the deceased plus professional guidance and assistance with any paperwork.


Other costs

Other costs included in the cost of a basic cremation may sometimes be referred to as ‘disbursements’ or ‘third-party funeral costs’ - which cover the arrangements that a Funeral Director cannot provide themselves.

Cremation fees - Cremation fees include the use of the crematorium chapel, the services of a Chapel Attendant, use of the music system (if there is one) and use of the cremator.

Doctor’s fees - Doctors charge a fee to certify the death, which costs £164 (this covers the cost of two forms at £82 each). Doctor’s fees do not apply in the case of burial, this is because of the stricter guidelines involved in clearing a body for cremation. Doctor’s fees also do not apply in Scotland or in situations where a coroner is involved.

Minister or officiant - The average minister/officiant fees for funerals in 2019 was £169. This is the cost for them to lead the service at the crematorium.


Optional funeral costs

There are many optional extras you can include as part of the funeral which are not included in the average cost of cremation.

If you are concerned about the cost of cremation, you should carefully consider which optional costs you feel are necessary for your loved one’s funeral.


Average optional funeral costs include:

- Memorial - £910
- Catering - £408
- Limousine hire - £313
- Venue hire - £245
- Flowers - £184
- Order sheets/service cards - £88
- Death notice - £88

If you chose to include all of the additional costs as part of the funeral, this would be an extra £2,306.


How does the cost of cremation compare to the cost of burial?

The cost of cremation is typically cheaper than the cost of burial.

The average cost of cremation is £3,858, compared to £4,975 for the average burial cost. Burial costs can vary enormously depending on where you are in the UK, however the cost of a burial is often more than the cost of cremation, as there are extra costs involved with burial. Cremation costs also vary by location, but not to as much extent as burial costs do.

The cost difference may go some way to explain the reason that 77% of funerals in the UK in 2019 were cremation. 

Direct cremation, specifically, is the most affordable funeral option.


How can I reduce the cost of cremation?

At Simplicity, we offer a range of cremations which include all of the practical and essential elements of a cremation, without the traditional elements that you might not want. All of our funerals are arranged over the telephone with our team of expert funeral arrangers, without any direct involvement from a Funeral Director. This allows us to offer substantial savings compared to the average cost of a cremation.

Our range of funerals allow you the freedom and flexibility to say goodbye to your loved one in a way that suits you and your family.

All of our funerals include cremation fees and doctor’s fees, provision of a simple coffin, transportation of your loved one in a specialised funeral vehicle and care at one of our mortuary facilities.


Direct cremation

Direct cremation is the most affordable funeral option in the UK today. If you do not want to attend the crematorium on the day of your loved one’s cremation or you would rather hold a memorial at a separate time and location from the cremation, direct cremation could suit you.

A cremation takes place without a service beforehand, without any mourner’s present. Our lowest cost funeral option is available from £995.


A basic funeral for up to 12 people

Our Intimate Funeral provides a short time in the crematorium chapel for a small group of family and friends. This provides enough time to say a few words, without the expense of a funeral service.

Our Intimate Funeral costs from £1,395.


A simple funeral with a service led by the family

If you would like the opportunity to hold a service at the crematorium or expect a larger congregation to attend, our Attended Funeral provides a full length service in the chapel, led by the family. Some families choose to engage with the services of a minister or officiant to lead a service in the same way a traditional funeral would be lead, whereas others choose to do something a little less formal, such as spending the time playing a collection of their loved ones favourite songs or sharing happy memories between family and friends.

Our Attended Funeral is available from £1,895.


Unlike other funeral costs, at Simplicity our cremation costs remain the same, regardless of where in the UK the cremation is taking place. Our funeral prices are not affected by regional fluctuations in cremation costs.


Avoid rising cremation costs by planning ahead

If funeral costs continue to rise at the rate they have since 2004, the cost of a basic funeral is projected to rise to £5,114 by 2023. If you are concerned about the effect your funeral may have on your family, it helps to be prepared.

If you are thinking about covering your own funeral costs, a prepaid funeral plan could be a smart choice. A funeral plan allows you to protect your family from rising funeral costs, whilst removing the emotional burden that is often associated with arranging a funeral and ensuring your funeral is carried out the way you’d like it.

At Simplicity, we offer a range of prepaid funeral plans that reflect our funeral options, simply decide how many people you would like to attend your funeral; your family will be able to make additional arrangements when the time comes.

Our prepaid cremation plans cover all of the necessary elements of a simple cremation from as little as £1,495 or £16.51pcm. There will be no more for your family to pay for the services covered in your plan when the time comes.


To reduce cremation costs, contact us to arrange a Simplicity Cremation for your loved one or plan ahead for your own funeral today.


 *All average costs are quoted from the SunLife (2020) Cost of Dying Report

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