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Is cremation cheaper than burial?

The cost of a cremation is usually more affordable than that of a traditional funeral.


Cremation costs are typically lower than burial costs, and this can be down to a number of different factors.


Savings on land costs

A traditional burial gives loved ones of the deceased a place to visit and reflect, but more often than not, a burial plot is positioned right next to hundreds of other plots and it comes at a price. In addition to the cost of the plot, you should also investigate how long the lease of the plot is as the purchase of a grave does not mean you own it forever.


There are also additional costs to be considered if you’re expecting the cemetery to look after the plot for you or if you’re planning on having a headstone.


On the other hand there is cremation. No burial costs, and the ability for loved ones to scatter ashes in places where happier times were shared. Somewhere to visit that is peaceful, and doesn’t require a down payment on a plot of land. More often that not, this is the more affordable option.


Funeral Director fees

Whether opting for a burial or cremation, using the services of a Funeral Director will also ultimately mean more fees. Funeral Directors put in a lot of hard work and hours to provide the service you ask for, and you will be expected to pay for this.


Simplicity Cremations can be even cheaper

Where cost is a concern, a Simplicity Cremation may be the most cost effective option. Our range of direct cremations and low cost funerals allows you to arrange a respectful funeral for your loved one that suits your needs and budget, starting from £995.


We provide our services without the assistance of a Funeral Director and keep our costs low by removing elements such as a procession, a hearse and limousines.

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