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How to get help with funeral costs

You may be eligible for a number of options to help support the costs of a funeral such as the government funeral expense payment.


Funeral Expense Payments

If you’re on a low income and need help with funeral costs, the government may assist you with a Funeral Expense Payment. You do not have to repay this, however it can be recovered by the government after the funeral if the deceased has any money in their estate.


It is the decision of the benefits office as to whether you are entitled for the funeral expense payment.


Understanding funeral payments and bereavement benefits

Some people may not be eligible for help with funeral costs, and in many cases if financial aid is provided, it will be far less than the cost of a full funeral. The average amount awarded to help with funeral costs is around £700, so families are often left short of the funds needed to afford a traditional funeral, and are left to consider other dignified yet affordable options to keep costs low.


Bereavement Support Payments

If your partner was under state pension age, paid national insurance contributions for at least 25 weeks, and died because of an accident or disease caused by their workplace, you could be entitled to Bereavement Support Payment to help with funeral costs up to the value of £3,500*.

*This is the figure given if the recipients have children. If the recipient is without children this payment falls to £2,500.


Charities can help too

Depending on how the deceased passed away, there are a number of charities who may be able to offer support with funeral costs.


Under the circumstances, you would usually turn to charities that helped the deceased before they passed away. This could be charities such as Marie Curie or Leukaemia Care, for example.


Friends of the Elderly can help pay for funerals of elderly people with no family and little savings. Children’s charities such as The Child Funeral Charity can help with the cost of a child’s funeral.


Crowdfunding for funerals is also becoming more popular. If the deceased had no family but a number of close friends, they may all wish to contribute to help ensure a fitting send offer for their loved one.


Finding a high quality, low cost funeral provider

No matter where the funds eventually come from, you’ll most likely be looking for a low cost funeral that’s local to you and promises to take care of your loved one to the highest standard.


At Simplicity Cremations, we offer a range of affordable, dignified funerals. Our unattended direct cremation is conducted without any mourners present. If you’d prefer to witness the committal, our intimate funeral offers a small group of people (up to 12) a short time in the chapel. Our attended funeral suits those families looking for something a little closer to a traditional funeral.


Low cost funerals are not about cutting corners, but delivering what is necessary to the highest possible standards. Simplicity Cremations start at £995, and could be the best option if you’re looking to keep funeral costs to a minimum.


Allowing Simplicity Cremations to take care of the practicalities means that families can celebrate their loved ones life in their own way, without the restrictions of a traditional funeral.

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