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Spread the cost with a Simplicity Prepaid Funeral Plan

Our prepaid funeral plans start from as little as £16.51 a month.


Pay for your funeral in advance and spread the costs with a payment plan that suits you

A Simplicity Cremations Prepaid Funeral plan allows you to spread the cost, allowing you to pay in instalments, an option not currently available from most funeral providers when paying for a funeral when the time comes.

Following a funeral that hasn’t been paid for up front, you will typically have only 28 days to pay the final bill. Unfortunately this leaves many families with no option but to take out a loan or pay off the balance with a credit card, often with high interest rates.

Paying for your funeral in advance allows you to fix the cost of your funeral, at today’s price, no matter how much prices rise in future, protecting your family from the financial burden of arranging your funeral whilst also allowing you to plan your funeral, your way.

We have a range of flexible payment options, so you can choose to pay the way that suits you.


Pay in a lump sum

By making a single payment, you can relax knowing everything is taken care of. Our Prepaid Funeral Plans start at £1,495 and include the cost of cremation, provision of a simple coffin, care at one of our mortuaries and the return of ashes in a simple container.


Pay in instalments over 12 months at no extra cost

We know a lot of people won’t have a few thousand pounds sitting around and a single payment won’t be a realistic option for them.

When opting to pay for your funeral plan across 12 months, you will not incur any interest on the total cost of the plan.


Spread the cost across a duration that suits you

You can spread the cost over a duration that suits you and your budget, provided all payments over any instalment term longer than 12 months are completed by the 80th birthday of the person named on the plan and the instalment term does not exceed the maximum term available.

In the event that you die before the balance is settled, your family will need to pay the remainder of costs after the funeral.

Whichever way you choose to pay, you can be safe in the knowledge that your plan is in good hands and you can rely on us to carry out your wishes when the time comes.


It’s easy to take out a Simplicity Cremations Funeral Plan

As long as you are aged 50 or over, you’re guaranteed to be accepted for a plan.

You can apply online in a few simple steps. We’ll get back to you within 14 days and send your Planholder’s pack in the post.

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