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Bringing your loved one into our care

During the first phone call, we will take the key information that we need to bring your loved one into our care and start the funeral arrangements. 

Information we will require:

- The person's full name, address and age
- Where they are resting now
- The name and contact details of their doctor
- If you have a death certificate

If your loved one is resting at a hospital, we will bring them into care a few days before cremation to prepare them in our mortuary facilities. We will liaise directly with the hospital to arrange this.

If your loved one is resting outside of a hospital or Coroners (for example, at home, in a care home or hospice setting), you will need to arrange for them to be brought into our care sooner; there is an additional charge of £250 for this service. This fee covers care in our quality mortuary facilities until the day of the cremation. Our mortuaries are equipped and maintained to a very high standard, offering a hygienic and respectful place for your loved one to rest before the funeral. Between arriving in our care and the cremation taking place, your loved one will be washed and dressed in a simple gown.

In addition to this, should you require your loved one to be collected out of standard business hours (9am-5pm on working weekdays), there will be an additional charge of £195 for our of hours collection.

If you are unsure whether these additonal charges will apply to you, our team will be able to discuss this with you.

On the day of the cremation, your loved one will be taken directly to the crematorium in a specialised funeral vehicle.

Please note, full payment will be required over the phone by debit or credit card before we can undertake any services. Once payment has been made, we will confirm everything with you via email.


What do to next

A Simplicity representative will contact you to help complete the necessary forms and paperwork to allow the cremation to go ahead. 

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