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Can I arrange a private cremation?

Yes, at Simplicity we can help you arrange a private cremation for a loved one, from just £1,395.


What is a private cremation?

A private cremation is a funeral where a limited number of people, normally a small group of family and friends can attend. Unlike most funerals which are open to anyone that knew the person to attend, a private funeral is usually by invitation only.

At Simplicity, we refer to a private cremation as an Intimate Funeral. An Intimate Funeral provides a short funeral that up to 12 people to attend. You will be welcomed into the chapel at the crematorium for a few minutes of private reflection providing the chance to share a final few moments together and say goodbye.


Who is a private cremation for?

Many people do not wish for their family to spend thousands of pounds on their funeral. A private cremation allows you to give your loved one a dignified, respectful send off without the high price tag often associated with a full service funeral.

For those people who only had a small family or group of friends, a traditional funeral does not make financial sense. For other families, it is simply too difficult to gather all of those who wish to attend the funeral on a specific date. A small funeral for those that can attend may be held, followed by a memorial or celebration of life at a later date and time, which will allow more time for those that would like to attend to make travel arrangements.

A private cremation is also appealing to those who don’t feel the need for a formal, ceremonial funeral service. An Intimate Funeral is a low key alternative that provides the opportunity for the family to pay their respects and witness the committal. 

Whatever the reason behind the choice for a private cremation, it does not mean that the farewell is any less heartfelt or meaningful. In fact, a private cremation can be a more personal affair for those that attend.


How much does a private cremation cost?

A private funeral with Simplicity costs significantly less than a traditional funeral. Our Intimate Funeral provides a private cremation from £1,395.

The Intimate Funeral covers doctor’s fees, cremation fees, a simple coffin, collection from the place of rest and transport in a specialised funeral vehicle. The return of ashes in a simple container is also included as part of this funeral package.

We have removed some of the more expensive costs such as a procession with a hearse and limousines and a team of pallbearers. Although other funeral providers may be happy to arrange a private funeral, they may not be able to do so at the low cost we can.


How to arrange a private funeral

Arranging a private funeral with Simplicity is a simple, straightforward process. An Intimate Funeral can be arranged over the telephone, from the comfort of your own home. You will have access to our experienced arrangement team throughout the entire process, who will be able to help you with any decisions for the day. Unlike most traditional funerals, you will not need to meet with a Funeral Director.

The funeral will take place at 9am, on an available date of your choosing at one of our crematoria nearest to the place of rest. You can use our find your nearest crematorium tool to find your nominated crematorium.

A few days prior to the cremation, we will collect your loved one from the place of rest, and prepare them for cremation in our mortuary facilities. Your loved one will be resting in the chapel before your arrival at the crematorium.

Our arrangement team will discuss with you any music you’d like to play in the chapel. You will also have a short time to say a few words. Unlike a traditional funeral, there is also no procession, hearse, limousines or pallbearers, nor will a minister or officiant be present.

See our step by step guide for more information on how an Intimate Funeral works.


Is it possible to have a cremation without a service?

Yes, this is referred to as a direct cremation or cremation without ceremony.

A direct cremation is the simplest funeral option, ideal for those people who do not want a fuss when they are gone. A cremation will take place without the attendance of any mourners, supervised by a crematorium assistant.

Direct cremation provides the opportunity for you to celebrate your loved one’s life in your own way.  Many families hold a direct cremation, with a service or celebration of life at a time and place away from the crematorium.

At Simplicity, we offer this service from £995 including doctor’s and cremation fees. Learn more about our direct cremation service.


Can I plan a private cremation for myself?

If you are looking for a private funeral for yourself in the future, a prepaid funeral plan might be for you. A funeral plan allows you to arrange and pay for your funeral in advance.

The Magnolia Plan covers everything you will need for a private cremation when the time comes, with no more to pay for the services covered in the plan. Similar to our Intimate Funeral, up to 12 people will be able to attend the committal in the chapel.  

When the time comes, all it takes is one phone call to put the funeral plan into motion. We will bring you into our high quality mortuary facilities, where we will prepare and care for you until the date of the cremation.

See our prepaid funeral plans for more information.


If you’re not ready to purchase a plan yet, but you want to let your family know what you’d like when the time comes, then our share your wishes form can help.

For help arranging a private cremation for a loved one or to plan ahead for your own private funeral, contact us today.


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