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We can assist you with buying a funeral plan for your loved ones


We can assist you with buying a funeral plan for your loved ones


Can I take out a funeral plan for someone else?

At Simplicity, we understand that you may be thinking about planning a funeral for a loved one - whether it's your partner, parent or someone else. From funeral plans for parents to funeral plans for couples, we have the perfect plan for everyone and as long as the person is aged 50 or over, we guarantee they will be accepted for a Simplicity Prepaid Funeral Plan.

When you are responsible for buying a funeral plan on someone else’s behalf, it’s important to find the plan that provides the right level of service for the best possible price. Whether it's because they have asked you for help, you're acting on the advice of social services, or you are simply taking control of finances and looking to get things in order, choosing the right funeral plan can be a difficult task. 

Our caring team of professionals can help you through every step of buying a funeral plan for someone else.

Take care of arrangements in advance

Whilst death is a difficult subject to discuss with your loved ones, taking care of arrangements in advance rather than at a highly emotional time can help ensure the right decisions are made for you and your family.

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Protection from rising funeral costs

With costs rising year on year, planning and paying for a funeral in advance can save a considerable amount of money. All of the services included in the plan will be covered no matter how much funeral prices might rise in the future.

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Spread the cost

You can choose to pay in the most convenient way for you and your loved one, whether that be a single payment, over a year, or over 120 monthly instalments.

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Call: 0800 484 0531

Call: 0800 484 0531

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Are you thinking about buying a funeral plan, or need some advice? Our dedicated team will help you get started and answer any questions

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Buying a funeral plan for someone else? Simplicity Plans take away the worry

Whether you are considering options for yourself or planning a funeral for a loved one, we’re here to help customers make a different choice for their funeral - by increasing access to simple, less expensive funerals - both professionally and respectfully.

We offer simple funeral plans for those looking to make their arrangements ahead of time, so when the time comes, you can focus on planning a funeral for mom, dad or another loved one, that celebrates their life.

FPA registered provider

The FPA are dedicated to ensuring providers are operating in a manner that means funeral planholders will receive the funeral they have paid for when it is needed.

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Protect your loved ones

With a prepaid funeral plan, you can rest assured that the financial burden and emotional strain on your loved ones will be eased when the time comes.

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Consistently high standards

As part of one of the UK’s leading group of funeral directors, we own all of our own high quality facilities, vehicles and staff.

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Your money is protected

When you purchase a funeral plan from us, the money you pay is placed into the National Trust Fund, a secure trust fund that is completely independent of Simplicity Cremations.

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By choosing to arrange a funeral with Simplicity, you’ll benefit from:

  •   Immediate arrangements by our professional telephone funeral arrangement team 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  •   Free telephone bereavement and advice counselling service and online GriefChat
  •   Simple cremation services that are available throughout the whole of mainland Great Britain



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