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Funeral poem: No fuss, no great big to-do

When I go, I’d like to go quietly
If it makes no difference to you
No fancy funeral arrangements
No fuss, no great big to-do.

No need for a team of pall-bearers 
Or stony-faced top-hatted man
No hearse, or shiny black Daimlers 
Or flowers spelling out ‘Goodbye Nan’.

I don’t think a choir or an organ
Played any big part at my birth
So they probably don’t need to be there
When I come to depart this good earth.

I see there are more fancy options
That I’m also unlikely to pick
A brass-handled solid teak casket
Is one box I surely won’t tick.

I’ve heard about Simplicity Cremations
Which to me makes all sorts of sense
Straight off to a quiet crematorium
By-passing much needless expense.

So these are my funeral wishes
Keep things simple, hang on to your cash
And then you’ll have something to spend on
That all-nighter farewell Nan bash!

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