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Funeral poem: I don't want a fancy funeral

I, being of sound mind and body,
Do hereby wish to make clear
I don't want a fancy funeral
With the world and his wife all there

I don't need a brass-handled coffin
What a terrible waste of good oak
Please book me a simple cremation
Come the day when I finally croak.

I've no need for solemn pall bearers
Or any such grand carry-on
And I've heard that those shiny black limos
Can end up costing a ton.

My very own plot in a graveyard
Is an extra I really don't need
It'll just give my poor old descendants
One more thing to water and weed.

So I say to my sons and my daughters,
And my darling adorable wife.
Don't waste all your cash on my passing,
But spend it instead on your life.