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Low cost funerals looking to lead the way ahead of costly memorials

The way older people want to be remembered is changing, with a growing number looking for alternative, low cost funeral options. 

Recent research as part of an independent survey conducted by YouGov has highlighted a change in the way older people want to be remembered after they’ve passed.  This change coincides with the rise in popularity of low cost, alternative funerals such as direct cremations.

In particular, older people are beginning to reject the idea of traditional gravestones, urns and portraits as a means for family and friends to remember them by, with 31% of over 55s saying they do not want a memorial at all.

People are moving away from traditional memorials, partly because of practical reasons such as cost and the need for upkeep, but also because they believe their friends or loved ones don’t need a physical memorial to remember them by in the same way as before.

It’s refreshing to see that so many older people are becoming less likely to be bound by the social ties of tradition and to meet the social and financial expectations of what is considered to be a ‘traditional funeral’. In response to peoples change in attitudes, the funeral industry is providing a number of alternative choices.


Simplicity provides affordable funerals, for those that would prefer a simple affair. We believe that a funeral is a time to say goodbye to your loved one, and should be a unique and personal occasion.

A Simplicity Attended funeral allows you the freedom to arrange a personalised ceremony for your loved one whilst we focus on the essential care of your loved one and the practical elements of the cremation.

We let you choose the exact funeral arrangements you want for your loved one. There’s no obligation to opt for the more traditional elements that you may not want, such as a procession with a hearse and limousines, pallbearers or floral tributes.

Unlike many funeral providers, a Simplicity Cremation is organised without the assistance of a Funeral Director and therefore costs considerably less than you’d expect to pay for the average traditional funeral.  

Many people we spoke to said they would prefer a low cost funeral, and for the remaining money to be spent on something more meaningful for those left behind, such as a family getaway.


‘I hate funerals, that’s why I’m not going to mine’

There is also the option to not have a funeral service at all. In this case, we’d advise the family to opt for our unattended funeral, also referred to as a direct cremation.

Depending on the reason for choosing a direct cremation, the family may like to hold an informal service or ‘celebration of life’ in honour of their loved one, at a separate location from the crematorium after the fact.

For many people, attending a funeral can be a stressful occasion that they would rather their family do not need to go through when they’ve passed.


As more people begin to open up about the taboo subject of death, its likely attitudes towards traditional funerals and burials will continue to change.

We’d encourage anyone with alternative wishes for their funeral to discuss this with their family.

Should you feel uncomfortable doing so, our share your funeral wishes form may be helpful. It’s really simple. Just provide us with your contact details and we will send you a form, for you to print. Write down your funeral wishes (keep it simple or be as detailed as you like) and pass this form onto a family member.

Although there is no guarantee, where someone has taken the time to share their desired funeral arrangements, the family often follows these wishes.

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