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What happens to the coffin after a cremation?

The coffin is placed into the cremator with the deceased inside and cremated until the process is complete.

There is a common misconception that coffins are recycled. This is simply not true. A new coffin will be used for each of our cremations and will be cremated with the deceased.


What happens during the cremation

The coffin is placed into the cremator. The heat is very intense and the process takes about 90 minutes. When the cremation is finished, all that is left is small amounts of bone. These are taken from the cremator, cooled and placed in a machine which reduces the bone to ashes.


How can I be sure that the remains will be kept separate?

The crematorium takes every care to ensure that the identification of the deceased person is tracked throughout the entire process. Each cremator is only large enough to accommodate one coffin at any one time.

Once the cremation has finished, the remains are placed, individually, into a separate chamber within the cremator to be cooled. The remains are then placed in a machine which reduces them to fine ash.  Once this has happened, they are put into an individual container which is fully identified with the details of the deceased person.


To arrange a cremation for your loved one, contact us today. Our expert team of funeral arrangers will be able to answer any questions you may have.

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