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How to arrange a funeral yourself: Organising a funeral service

You may be considering organising a funeral yourself for many reasons. It may be a way to cope with your grief, it could have been the wishes of the deceased, or you might feel that only you could organise a tribute fitting to the person you have lost. Making funeral arrangements yourself can be quite a complicated process, and not as simple as it first seems. You'll need to organise everything, including the parts of burial or cremation that can be quite upsetting at such an emotional time. 


How to arrange a funeral yourself: what to consider first

If you're planning on organising a cremation funeral yourself, without the help of a funeral provider, you'll need to organise:

- Care and preparation of the deceased including finding a place of rest before the funeral
- Appropriate transport of the deceased
- Documentation including death certificates and other legally required paperwork
- Liaison with the crematorium or cemetery
- The collection of the ashes if you choose cremation
- The ceremony and service

If this feels as though it could all become too much for you, our Attended Funeral allows you the freedom of organising a funeral service yourself, but with complete support of our caring team. You arrange the service how you see fit, and we'll do the rest.


How to organise a funeral yourself, with help from Simplicity

If you are organising a funeral service yourself with the support of Simplicity, here are some things you should consider prior to the day.


Who will lead the funeral service?

An important thing to consider when organising a funeral service is who will conduct the service itself. You need to know who can perform a funeral service and who would be willing to do so. It may be a nice touch to choose a close friend or family member.

If you'd like a religious figure to lead the ceremony or something a bit more formal, we can also provide guidance on finding a minister or officiant

When organising a funeral of any kind, there will be a limit on the length of time allowed in the chapel. We’d recommend planning for around thirty minutes, so there’s ample time to enter and exit the crematorium without feeling rushed.


Add personal touches

We’ve highlighted some of the most popular ways to personalise a funeral service below. You may have other ideas, especially if your loved one had any special hobbies or interests.



Music is the main way to personalise a funeral service. All of our crematoria feature a music system so you will have the ability to arrange a playlist of songs to play inside the chapel. It can be a nice touch to have your loved ones favourite song playing as you enter or exit the chapel. Should you arrange a religious ceremony, you may also want to incorporate hymns into the service. For ideas, read our guide to the best funeral songs.


It is common to feature a eulogy as part of the order of service, as a tribute to your loved one. You should consider asking someone who knew them well so they’ll be able to write something appropriate. It can be quite an honour to be asked to speak at a funeral, although some people may prefer not to, as it can take a lot of confidence to stand up and speak in front of a large congregation. You may find our guide to writing a eulogy helpful.


When making funeral arrangements, you may also want to include readings in the service. If religious readings weren’t in the interests of your loved one, a meaningful poem, a reading from their favourite book or even lyrics from a song might be more appropriate. A member of the family may even decide to write a poem dedicated to their loved one. See our list of popular funeral readings.

Share memories

There are lots of ways of sharing memories at a funeral. A photo memory board can be a nice touch for everyone to share photos of happy times with the departed. By asking family and friends for pictures, you should hopefully collect a range of photos covering the course of their life, as different people might have known them best at different times. This is a nice way to highlight the person’s life and accomplishments.

Taking this one step further, you could dedicate part of the service so mourners can share memories and stories with the congregation. In a 2018 independent survey, 41% of people said they’d like a family member or friend to share a loving story about them at their funeral. Alternatively, you could leave paper and pens on the seats so guests can write memories and place them into a memory box at the end of the service for you to read at a later date.


Organising a funeral order of service

A funeral order of service provides an outline of what will happen throughout the service. It is often a printed 4 page booklet that is handed out to mourners as they enter the chapel or resting on seats before they enter. Each order of service will be different as it is personalised for your loved one. 

For help making a funeral order of service, read our guide


Funeral attire

Opting for alternative funeral attire is a really easy way to personalise a funeral. It’s becoming a popular request to ask mourners to dress in bright colours or even your loved one’s favourite colour, instead of traditional mourning colours. When making funeral arrangements you should give guests as much notice as possible, if you wish for them to dress in a particular way.


Arrange an Attended Funeral with Simplicity Cremations

With a Simplicity Cremation, there's no need to follow tradition. Our attended funeral encourages you to organise a personalised ceremony that is befitting of your loved one's life and character.

There is no procession, hearse, limousines or what we would describe as a pre-ceremony. The coffin will be resting in the chapel when you arrive at the crematorium ready for you to hold the funeral service itself. 

Honouring life with personal touches and details can create a meaningful and lasting remembrance, whether that's by adding small details or planning a more elaborate affair; how the service is planned is completely up to you. 

To find our more on how to arrange a funeral yourself, contact us today.

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